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NFL Post? Shuts down Adrian Peterson for the year + Patriots fans love One Direction

- Roger Goodell said Adrian Peterson is suspended for the year
- Goodell wants Peterson to undergo therapy, counseling, and treatment
- He's suspended without pay and loses out on 4.1 million dollars
- Goodell called him out on having no remorse for what he did in an open letter and Peterson saying he wouldn't eliminate whoopings
- Vikings say they respect Goodell's decision
- NFLPA (NFL Players Association) said they'll appeal this but the chances of anything coming from that look slim

A Stub-hub study shows that New England Patriots fans are most likely to see One Direction.

Study says that New England is the only NFL region where 1D was the top-selling act

The study also shows areas that certain artists are big sellers:

Beyonce and Jay-Z are big in San Francisco (49ers), Oakland (Raiders), San Diego (Chargers), Baltimore (Ravens), Washington (R*****), New Orleans (Saints)

Country music is huge with certain artists too, read at the source

New York, Miami (Dolphins), and Philadelphia (Eagles) are big with Billy Joel

Detriot Lions stick closely with Eminem along with Buffalo (Bills), Seattle (Seahawks), and Kansas City (Chiefs)

Paul McCartney is big with Minnesotta (Vikings) and Katy Perry is huge in Denver (Broncos)

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I am pretty surprised at how much Goodell is sticking with this punishment, but I guess after the Ray Rice scandal blew up in his face (rightfully), he's trying to save his ass


ONTD NFl fans, which artists do you go see live?

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